Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thumbs Under the Bars for Everyone!

Another couple of good bike riders hit the deck this week alone (Nov, 08), and alone by themselves! because they hit a bump (cats-eye?) and went arse-over-tit to qualify for this summer’s Bitumen-Biters Championships - and they should never have hit the bump!

It is a critical lesson from Page 1 of the 'How-To-Ride-You-Bike-Manual’ that you should always keep both thumbs tucked under or around the handlebars for those unexpected moments when skills don’t count and you need the safety back-up, just like air-bags.

Remember this > the guys in the magazines do it all day long, don’t have to pay if they stack their bikes & still do things wrong just like the other humans, from time to time. Bad habits die hard, but 'Bitumen Biters' hit the ground harder when they free-fall from 1.5metres straight down.

Rob Crowe OAM
Olympian Motivator Speaker

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